Sunday, August 2, 2015
In lieu of an outfit post today, I wanted to share my favorite lady instagramers who inspire me. 
I particularly enjoy their accounts because they do their own thing vs the same generic crap you tend to see on social media. They exude the sense that they're sharing from their soul vs what people expect to see and it's way more interesting compared to an ice cream cone.  

She's one of my absolute favorite fashion bloggers. She also posts art and other images that inspire her. Her art photos compared to style shots tend to get the least likes, but I really enjoy them so I'm happy she keeps posting them. You can tell someone is sharing from their soul when they continue to post pictures that they know will get less likes than their other types of pictures. *Respect* She has designed her own line in partnership with this cool German website Edited.

She's been in the fashion blogging game forever and while her following on insta is big, I'm surprised it isn't even bigger. She has very clear taste and just came out with her own line of basics The Line by K. Her style is definitely aspirational and hope to incorporate more of her look in my weekend outfits.

She looks gorgeous with out mascara and that's intriguing enough to win my follow, but she's also quite eccentric and unapologetic. She's a talented singer and has been dipping her toes more and more into the fashion world so that's been interesting to watch. I appreciate that she could have gone in a generic, cheesy LA direction with her look, but has definitely curated her own elevated, unique sense of style that sets her apart. I've been following her since she had around 10k and she's close to 100k now and hasn't changed. A good sign. She'll only rise higher so a great one to follow now. Worth noting she's the great granddaughter of Diana Vreeland. Check out her ITG article here.

She has a huge following so maybe I have been living under a rock, but I just discovered her. I like her account because it feels more organic and less photoshopped/staged. It doesn't have as many images of her showing off how amazing she looks as you typically see in similar accounts. I also like all the before and after shots she posts because the girls "before" look pretty similar to my body type so it makes the "after" feel attainable. I just downloaded her BBG guides and am only on day 2 but will keep you posted how it goes!

@konmari_method (photo from my account below)

So this is less about her instagram as she just joined a few months ago and hasn't been very consistent so far, but  more about the woman. I just bought her book "the life changing magic of tidying up" and one of my readers asked me what I thought... so far I do think if could be life changing. I've been putting it to practice all weekend and will do a blog post on my progress later. She's essentially been obsessed with cleaning and organizing since she was 5 so she has a crazy amount of knowledge, but with her own distinct point of view. People who are so singular in their passions fascinate me. 

Well, that's a wrap. Do you already follow these girls? Who are your favorites??  You can follow yours truly  @heathersedit
Monday, July 27, 2015
 Blouse: Ellery, Shoes: Everlane, Bag: Gucci Disco, Sunglasses: Celine

When I was planning my trip to Spain, Paris was not on the agenda, but "Paris is always a good idea" like Sabrina said so adding it to the itinerary was a no brainer. It was sale season so my plan was to shop and eat my way through the arrondissements. Simply walking around to see where the day takes me is my favorite way to experience Paris. I checked a few more Paris moments off the bucket list like shopping in St.Germain (including a stop at Colette), perusing the most famous of the flea markets "Marché aux Puces St Ouen" (scored a Celine belt on the cheap!), and riding the ferris wheel with full Eiffel Tower views at Jardin du Luxembourg carnival. I took these shots post carnival high in the most perfect light on this empty square where all of the luxury shops live. Paris is a ghost town on Sundays and I love it especially on that day for this reason.

I wore my beloved Ellery blouse- I consider it an alternative to the menswear button downs I often wear. It was a versatile piece to pack: I wore it for my business meetings in New York immediately before my trip and also during the trip for more brisk afternoons in London & Paris.

Photos by moi

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