Monday, April 14, 2014

that big hole in the ground

Sea New York jacket (I really love this brand), Asos hat, BB Dakota pants (similar here), Steven booties

The Grand Canyon really does live up to the hype. A few speaking notes:
  • The most I laughed on the trip was looking at the pictures of Alicia and I in that really awkward loving couple embrace (we were trying to be natural and didn't work).
  • Apparently I wasn't feeling the same love for Krystal because I look like I'm maniacally laughing while trying to push her over the edge. I did really enjoy going super close to the edge by myself to freak my friends out. The man I'm dating recently asked me if I have an "evil side." I totally do. MUAHAHA!
  • Every time I see my butt in these pants I can't get Kanye's lyrics out of my head "All I want for my birthday is a big booty ho!"

Boom boom! Happy Monday!

Monday, April 7, 2014


 As many of you know, I recently came back from an epic road trip from San Francisco to the Grand Canyon with my girlfriends Alicia, Krystal, and Natalie. Traveling is a huge passion of mine so I get the hell outta dodge often, but this year I'm trying to visit more US landmarks that have evaded me.  You know that feeling where you just need to get the F out of the car and be where you are? Well, I am pleased (and surprised) to report that I didn't feel that way and thoroughly enjoyed the long stretches of open road, tunes, snacks, beautiful scenery, and great company. I"ll admit I did especially love when it was my turn to take the wheel of our Cadillac. 

More pics to come this week xx