Thursday, October 30, 2014
I've embarked on quite the adventure searching for the perfect pair of black ankle boots in London. I see almost every girl wearing some form of black boots here so I thought getting my pair would be simple, but not the case. There are so many options that look similar, but in actuality the smallest differences in boot design completely changes the style. I've done a tour of every London department store and left bootless (the horror).

I've studied hundreds of black boots in my quest so I'm a bit of a subject matter expert at this point. I've narrowed it down to 5 current styles that would make a dream boot collection for the modern woman: over the knee (flat & high), western inspired, the sophisticate, classic dressy,  and chunky patent.  I currently have flat over the knee and western inspired boots so I'm going to focus next on chunky patent because I think they will be comfortable and ideal for day to night transitions. Will be so much easier to shop now that I have just one particular style in mind.  

 What are your favorites? Do tell...

Monday, October 27, 2014

When I was a little girl I used to collect stuffed animals, but today I like to collect fabulous furry accessories. The stuffed animals and accessories are different in theory, but not in practice-they go with me everywhere and sometimes I like to cuddle with them at night! You can imagine how pleased I was to see a pile of Charlotte Simone fluff during a shopping trip at Fortnum Mason (read: I audibly gasped). I put on this striped beauty mid-perusing and didn't want take it off so I made it officially mine to wear outside of the store's walls.

I asked Charlotte herself what kind of women she envisions wearing her glamorous scarves and she was kind enough to share her vision:

 "Charlotte Simone fluff is for the woman of all ages. I want my scarves to be worn with the greatest of ease - an accessory to rejuvenate any look!"

Mission accomplished, I'd say!

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