Friday, May 22, 2015
Blouse: Topshop (similar here), Jeans: Levi's, Sandals: Ferragamo, Bag: Mansur Gavriel, Earrings: KJL, Hat: Goorin Brothers

Happy Friday! I just got back from LA yesterday and am looking forward to a relaxing 3 day weekend in San Francisco. But first, join me back in Napa...I anticipated having Sunday brunch and heading straight back to the city, but instead I ended up getting lost all day in downtown Napa- in a town lined with tasting rooms it's an easy thing to do. It was actually my first time spending the day there since I'm normally at the vineyards, but it makes for quite the enjoyable time. Highlights include oysters at Hog Island in Oxbow Public Market (like a mini, but equally cool, San Francisco ferry building) and my favorite tasting room, Mark Herold (an ecclectic and irreverent spot with great wine with names like "Collide" & "Uproar"). 

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2015

I'm back to blogging after a week break so I could focus on a big presentation to Google's retail team and then to recover from being sick last week. I had a moment during my presentation where I thought I might pass out, but I held it together and it went well (I'm told you couldn't notice I wanted to die). I've pretty much been laying down since mid-week and it's actually been wonderful to reset. It included a huge Netflix binge (um I finished all 3 seasons of House of Cards), many Postmates deliveries (smoothies, sushi, I am serious I didn't move), a Sunday juice cleanse, and a lot of reflection. Now, I'm back in full form and ready to tell you about the weekend that happened before staying vertical was a challenge...

I was in the mood to get outta dodge. I didn't care where, but I wanted it to include wine or oysters so I went to wine country where there's an abundance of both. It's my personal preference to start drinking wine as soon as possible after leaving the city so I like to start at one of the first wineries, often that's Ram's Gate, but this time it was beautiful Vianasa pictured above.

Next, I ventured to Scribe where I signed up for my very first wine membership! Feels like a major right of passage into adulthood and a big check off the bucket list. So happy! Scribe is essentially a members only spot that I thought I would like mostly for its exclusivity, but I actually like it because of its sense of community that you don't find often at other wineries. They give you a blanket, a little plate of nibbles, and you just lazily lay on a hill drinking rosè overlooking the vineyards because you're a local and there's no rush to get to the next winery. Very cool vibe.

Then I headed back to the Westin where I was staying to hit the hot tub and get ready for dinner. I made a reservation at Michael Chiarello's Bottega because he's on TV and I'll admit I'm a fan girl of TV chefs. I had the most incredible, decadent pasta (my favorite food) and highly recommend stopping in if you want to end your day as equally indulgent as you started it. 

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