Monday, July 6, 2015
Dress: Reformation, Shoes: Everlane, Bag: Mansur Gavriel, Bracelet: Miansai

Greetings from Sevilla! I've been having the best week here fully embracing Spanish culture. It takes me a few days to unwind on vacation so by the end of my first day here, I felt totally relaxed and disconnected from work. The only thing I’m anxious about is that someday soon I won’t be having jamón ibérico at every meal! 

My days here are unplanned, but everyday essentially includes walking all over the city, reading outside, drinking beautiful wine, and eating amazing tapas. I’ve even established a few “spots”  that I frequent where I’ve made friends with the staff so that’s been fun. The city is all about experiencing the lifestyle, not hitting a long list of tourist attractions, but the Alcázar Palace pictured here is one of a few mandatory stops. I last wore my Reformation dress at London's Holland Park Opera and reached for it again on this day as it seemed like the proper outfit to peruse palace grounds, don’t you think?

As you read this I’m taking a short break from Sevilla to explore more of Southern Spain so follow along on Instagram @heathersedit

Photos by Erin "anything for the shot" Sullivan

Friday, July 3, 2015

The "correction of errors" was introduced to me as an agenda item in the context of a larger business meeting to discuss what's been done in the past and what can be improved in the future- it's an honest and open dialogue. I really like the phrase because it's straight to the point and takes away the negative power associated with the word "error" since it's not about finger pointing. It's normal for there to be errors, so call it like you see it, and move on. It's a work thing, but applicable to your personal life too.

In many ways, I'm looking at my 30th year as a one big, sweeping "correction of errors," but more specifically my London trip was all about it. There were three big places on my list to visit when I lived there last year that somehow evaded me so this trip was about righting those wrongs. I've thrown in a fourth place too for good measure. So with out further adieu these elusive places were...

Kew Gardens

The gardens are amazing, but a bit of a schlep depending on where you're staying in London. They're worth it though. I spent a few very peaceful hours wandering them as I mentioned in my last post. Gardens are one of my top destinations whenever I travel so I was thrilled to make it out this time - love 'em!

The Wallace Collection

This was a big one for me because I tried to go last time, but I got lost and they had closed by the time I found it. I absolutely love museums that are in houses (like the Frick Collection in NYC) as they tend to feel much more personal. 

High Tea at Fortnum & Mason

I had high tea at The Wolseley (very English, highly recommend) and while I had shopped at F&M, I hadn't experienced their famous high tea. It's unlimited cakes, you guys. Unlimited. I also had the richest lobster omlette ever as part of it (if you're thinking any lobster omelette would be rich, well they add lobster bisque in this one). This was a more touristy experience than the The Wolseley, but pretty necessary. 

Soho House

This is an honorable mention. I like exclusive places- there I said it! I had been to Shoreditch House (which I love) so I was curious what the original Soho house was like. I had a lovely meal on the roof catching up with my London friends. 

If you had to make your own correction of errors list, what would yours say?

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