Wednesday, November 26, 2014
Columbia Road Flower Market

 I only like buying flowers if it's an experience. The Sunday Columbia Flower Road Market in London is definitely just that. I ended up going a little crazy and it was ridiculously fun. These are a few pictures of the more unique flowers and plants I saw for your inspiration...

Dwarf pineapples. That is their natural color. Are you freaking out yet?

These flowers are actually dead, which I love. I really can't be bothered to buy something over and over that keeps dying on me. They are half dried so you don't need to put them in water, but they look totally vibrant and alive. Dreams come true, as I've been saying for years now.

They use colorful lettuces like kale to pair with the flowers. Brilliant.

Birds of Paradise. One time in 2nd grade I wrote a poem about birds of paradise and my teacher submitted my poem into a poetry contest with out my permission and it won. The prize was for a theater company to come and put on a performance acting out the winning poems at an assembly in front of our entire school. It was as weird as it sounds.
Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The plus signs in the picture clicks out to the item.

Ahhh, we are at my favorite portion of the program: the jewelry gift guide! I've chosen four of my all time favorite designers where you can discover elegant, forever pieces for the most special ladies in your life.  Let's get down to it...

 Monica Vinader:  Classic with a contemporary touch. Unlike many designers, she adds diamonds to vermeil (sterling silver plated gold) so you can get a ring dripping in them for under $300. Choose a pretty moonstone ring and they're $115. I also love her fancy friendship bracelets that can be engraved (under $200). Sign up for her email list here now because she's having a private sale on the 26th and you'll get an invite when it's live.

Lulu Frost: Pieces with intrigue. I absolutely love her collection inspired by New York"s Plaza Hotel iconic letters and numbers. The necklaces are bronze/brass ($375) and rings are 14k rose gold,  yellow gold (under $500) or sterling silver (under $150).

 Sarah Chloe: A favorite for personalized jewelry. Her designs are universally likable so they're a fail safe gift option. You can snag the bracelets in gold plated or sterling silver up to 14k gold (starting ~$100+). Avoid unnecessary stress and don't wait until the last minute with engraving, just set 15min aside and get those gifts out of the way this week.

 Jennifer Zeuner: The best delicate, everyday necklaces in vermeil. My necklaces of hers have held up very well over time. You can even pull off getting a lightening bolt or heart necklace with a small diamond for under $200. Update: Shopbop has the best selection and they're having a sale if you spend $250 and up you get 15%+ off with code GOBIG14.

Browse all my picks here:

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